About Me!

Hey! My name is Alison (obviously 😂) and I am obsessed with the art of hand lettering! I started in 2014 when I received a free pilot pen to try out and was asked to draw something or do lettering with it. My first piece was rough but from that moment on, I fell in love! I found a whole community of lettering and art lovers who welcomed me with open arms. 
My first Procreate piece was made in March of 2017. While I do make tangible items, procreate is my heart and soul. I started making digital brushes shortly after learn the basics of procreate. 

A Few other things…

• Along with lettering, my love for coffee and monsters are undeniable.
• I have been selling my work online as well as locally and have done work for various ebooks, cell phone case companies and brands!
• I love a challenge and have been told I’m slightly a perfectionist when it comes to my work
• I have been sober since 2010